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HARMAN TiTAN Pinhole Camera 8x10in & Accessories

The HARMAN TiTAN 8x10in camera can be used with any photographic film using a 8x10in film holder or photographic paper*. It allows the creative photographer in you to produce wonderfully unique images. The camera has been designed to include a tripod mount for use in both portrait and landscape formats. It has spirit levels fitted for both orientations and a cold shoe accessory mount. The kit comes with our Exposure Calculator, full user instructions, guidance for outdoor use and of course, the warranty leaflet from our manufacturer, Walker Cameras.

Features and Benefits

  • 0.52mm chemically etched pinhole
  • 150mm focal length cone
  • f288 fixed lens aperture
  • 94.7 degree angle of view
  • Uses 8x10in film holders from Fidelity and Toyo
  • Easy to assemble pinhole exposure calculator, printed onto melinex to make it water resistant
  • Cold shoe accessory mount
  • Tripod mount for both camera orientations
  • manufactured from robust abs
  • incredibly lightweight - only 800 grams

  • * ILFORD Photo have made available Multigrade IV RC Deluxe 8x10in cut to ISO film standard for easy use. Otherwise you may need to trim paper to fit.

    Items Available

    1174106 ILFORD TiTAN PINHOLE CAMERA 8x10ins
    1174117 TOYO 8X10 inch Film Holder
    1174580 ILFORD MULTIGRADE IV RC Deluxe Glossy (for Film Holders)
    Size: 8 x 10 ins - 20.3 x 25.4 cms
    Sheets: 25

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